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Horizon Australasia Pty Ltd, Mortgage Broker and Registered Migration Agent, Kaushal Jhaveri’s motivation to help people move to Australia can be traced back to his own Australian immigration experience. Raised and educated in Mumbai, India, Kaushal completed an MBA at Curtin University in 1999 on an international student visa.

Attracted by Western Australia’s great weather, promising economic outlook and proximity to India, Kaushal decided this was the place he wanted to call home. On his return to India after successfully completing his MBA, Kaushal maintained his West Australian connections by landing a job at the Western Australian Trade Office in Mumbai. Whilst there he made the connections he needed enabling his return to Perth in 2003 on a skilled permanent resident visa. He immediately commenced working as the Regional Marketing Manager for TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA).

While working at TIWA, Kaushal regularly travelled to India and Sri Lanka and also visited Bangladesh and Pakistan in South Asia. He has also visited the Middle East region including United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to promote WA training and education in his role as Senior Marketing Consultant.

“A large part of my role was to recruit students primarily from South Asia and the Middle East region to study in Western Australia. I was regularly asked questions about permanent visas, but was frustrated at not being able to give advice as I was not a Registered Migration Agent,” said Kaushal. Through this liaison with overseas students, Kaushal decided to undertake the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law at Murdoch University, which he completed at the end of 2007. It was not long afterwards that he joined ISA Group as a Migration Consultant.

“I first met ISA Group directors while working at the WA Trade Office in Mumbai, and this contact continued while I was at TIWA when I sought visa advice on behalf of international students,” said Kaushal. It was on the basis of this relationship that Kaushal was offered a role at ISA Group as the business’s education specialist, a step he hasn’t looked back on. “I feel a great sense of achievement helping people who are in a similar situation to the one I was in, when I studied in Australia and then wanted to pursue permanent residency. Another motivation is to attract like-minded skilled professionals to Australia from countries where there are not as many opportunities,” said Kaushal.

Kaushal’s assistance goes beyond helping clients obtain their visa approval.

“Having been through the experience myself with my family, I aim to provide a more holistic approach by helping people plan for the journey ahead to try and make the transition a smooth one,” said Kaushal.

Kaushal’s enthusiasm for Western Australia is shared by his wife Vandana and their two boys Karan and Krish. “We host regular visits from both sets of parents, other close family and friends, so we are doing our bit for the Western Australian economy,” said Kaushal.

Since the year 2000 Kaushal has counselled and recruited a large number of international students from South Asia and the Middle East region for studying in Perth, Western Australia.  He has also assisted an equally large number of overseas skilled professionals, international students onshore in Australia and family migration to Australia.

Now with the vast experience and exposure in the areas that Kaushal is passionate about, he aims to assist individuals and families successfully apply to live, work and study in Australia.  He has also assisted a large number of Western Australian businesses sponsor skilled professionals from overseas on employer sponsored temporary and permanent visas.

After successfully completing his Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, Kaushal has now assisted a number of his successful new Migrants and their referrals with their first home loan in Australia or with securing investment property loans or refinance.  You are welcome to contact Horizon Australasia with your Migration and/or Finance query.